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Popup Tent: Easy and Useful
Tents are definitely great creations. They can be used virtually anywhere and provide a safe place for individuals to either sleep or set-up displays. People like using tents but people usually don’t enjoy the set-up and breakdown process. One special type of tent is the popup tent. This specific type of tent is great for sun protection, shade, and rain protection. They are especially useful for events like sporting events, trade shows, craft shows, art festivals and flea markets. You can actually purchase regular popup tents or have them custom imprinted with your design.

The flexibility in the usage of these tents is quite impressive. Popup tents are also pretty durable. The tops are typically made out of 100% polyester and the actual tent portion is made out of heavy duty polyester. The tents are really easy to carry around because they are flat and they lay flat when folded. The frame so these tents are pretty flexible. Right when the tent is released from the restraining strap, it immediately pops into place. If you’re interested in learning how pitch a popup tent, feel free to keep on reading!

Before pitching you popup tent, you need to have the tent, tent pegs and a mallet for hammering.

Choosing a Location
Now, you can’t just pitch the tent in any random spot. You must find a nice flat area. It would be even better if the flat ground was higher than the area around it. This way, if it rains, there is a lesser chance of your tent flooding. The tent should not be pitched right underneath trees because falling branches might ruin the tent. Also if there’s a thunderstorm, you don’t want to risk being hit by lightning. Don’t pitch your tent too close to other tents. You want to be at least 20 feet away from other tents.

Preparing the Area
Once you’ve found the area, clean it up a little. The ground should not have any stones or anything sharp.

Take the tent out of the tent bag and remove the pegs.

Look for the restraining band. Once you pull it, the tent should automatically pop open. Find the position in which you would like the tent door to be and turn it so that it is the right way up.

Take the pegs and place them through the loops of the ends of the tents. This way, the tent will be secured into the ground. Take a hammer and push the pegs into the ground at a 45 degree angle. The angle should be towards the tent since this is the most secure way to make sure the wind doesn’t pull them out. If you have extra pegs, you can use them  for extra security.

Using the Guy Ropes
The guy ropes should already be attached to the tent. You can place them into the ground at the ends of the tent and adjust them so that the ropes are nice and taught.

Last Check
Once you are completely done with everything, look at the tent to see if it looks normal. Your guy ropes should be secure. The pegs should be deep into the ground. If the tent looks weird, go ahead and fix it right away.

There are so many types of popup tents available for purchase. Just find the one that is the correct size and right type for your needs. Once you’ve found the perfect popup tent, you’ll be able ease of using the popup tent and ease of putting it together. Enjoy your popup tent!